Welcome to the first artisan plant based cheese makery of Iceland.

We make food for life

Kæru elsku Landar – Nú fer heimasíðan okkar opinberlega í loftið á Blómstrandi Dögum næsta Laugardag og FORSALA hafin á Jarðeplagullinu okkar. Þetta er að takast og það er ykkur að þakka <3 Verðum góð, betri best við hvort annað og besta útgáfan af okkur sjálfum, því þið/við og allir erum æði.
Kær kveðja og knús frá Hveróparadísó.

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All you beautiful people around the glope. Now we will lunch our new web page new satturday here in Hveragerdi Iceland and are taking preorders for now. But only here in Iceland, for starters. Thank you all for you and your supports. You are the ones who are making it happen. Just remember to be the best version of our self and be Kind to everyone. Hugs and Love form us all.
Team Livefood.

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was founded in November 2019 with the aim of starting the production of Icelandic high-quality cheeses from plant products. The company has invested in premises in Hveragerði for the cheese making, where ecological energy, the good thermal steam, will be used for the production. Livefood’s strategy is to always be aware of the company’s carbon footprint and to reuse what is possible so that future generations can enjoy the resources that the earth has to offer. Sustainability is therefore extremely important to us in all our work.