About us

We make food for life.

The company Livefood ehf. was founded in November 2019 with the aim of starting the production of Icelandic high-quality cheeses from plant products. The company has invested in premises in Hveragerði for the cheese making, where ecological energy, the good thermal steam, will be used for the production. Livefood’s strategy is to always be aware of the company’s carbon footprint and to reuse what is possible so that future generations can enjoy the resources that the earth has to offer. Sustainability is therefore extremely important to us in all our work.

Potato cheeses will be our specialty. Master cheese maker Erlendur Eiríksson has been developing that cheese for quite a long time, as the focus was on being able to produce plant-based cheese from Icelandic ingredients in the local area. These cheeses are basically made from Icelandic potatoes and processed with milk that we produce from Icelandic oats. What we put in these cheeses varies, as seasonal products are used to make the most fun tricks every time. These cheeses can be grated, sliced ​​and melted and are ideal on the cheese tray, in the cooking, on top of the crackers or on the salad.


Our white mold and blue mold cheeses have also been in development for a long time and we have managed, after tireless development work, to achieve the taste, body and quality of the ones we set out with.


Our Idea

Development work began in 2018, and the project received a grant from the Development Fund of Suðurland in the second distribution of the fund that year. The idea was also selected for the Nordic Kitchen Iceland workshop in November 2018, which was led by Eva Michalsen and other entrepreneurs in Icelandic cuisine. Livefood ehf. was founded in November 2019. The project again received funding in the second allocation of SASS 2020. The project was selected in Startup Okídea 2021 and received 1 million in funding along with participation from Landsvirkjun. The project received a grant of 2 million ISK in June 2021 from Hagar ehf and subsequently a contract for assistance with presentation in stores and advertising. The project received a grant of 3 million ISK in September 2021 from the Food Fund for labor costs. The project received a grant of ISK 300 thousand from the Ministry of Business and Innovation in October 2021. In November 2021, Livefood received a contract with VMST for innovative recruitment for 6 months.